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Softboard Fins & Screws Fitting Instructions


STEP 1: Leave the screws in the allocated deck position. If you have taken the screws out, it is very importantly to place them back in their correct position.
As illustrated above, the Long Screws (LS) must be placed into the front of the fins and the Short Screws (SS) in the back of the fins. Before you place the screws back into the deck centre position, place the screws through the leg rope webbing connector then back into the deck.

STEP 2: We highly recommend that before you insert the three fins into the slick bottom location holes, you place a drop of dishwashing liquid inside the fin screw holes. This will help to create a smooth rotation when tightening the screws. Do not over tighten the screws as this can tear the thread inside the fin or the screw itself.
The 5.6ft., 5.8ft. and 6ft. Softboards have two size fins, the 2 x SD2 side fins must be placed in the left and right side holes and 1 x SD4 centre fin is placed in the middle hole, the 5.9ft. Fat Fish has SD4 Tri Fins.

If you are ordering either softboard fin sets, SD2s and/or SD4s to retro fit your existing soft surfboard please note:  All screws supplied are Long Screws (LS) 55mm, these will need to be carefully cut to size to suit the board/core thickness in the various fin hole locations on your softboard, very similar to the one shown in the diagram above.