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We’ve come a long way since 1971 when Tom Morey pioneered and created the original bodyboard using an electric carving knife, some scrap foam and a pile of newspaper. Just six years later, Tom was producing 80,000 bodyboards per year to keep up with the demand of bodyboarders everywhere.

The Morey Mach 7 Boogie Board is the most iconic board to this day in the Morey range, the Mach 7 SS Bodyboard is the excellent board for a bodyboarder wanting a board that executes,  to the very latest addition to the Morey Mach 8 TX this high performance board features a custom designed to generate speed, the Morey Mach 10 bodyboard is based off of a narrow template providing quick speed and control, and the Big Kahuna 44” model for the big boys board that delivers performance

The most popular of all the BZ models is the BZ Fundamental Pro Series is well performing board that is why it's the best board on the market in the BZ range.